We learned this fantastic weave from Sandi Graves at Embellishment during one of our all night beading sessions! This is easy to do and best of all it looks like you spent weeks making it! Sandi owns a bead store called "Stormcloud Trading" and is very helpful if you need to mail order some beads.

Begin your Spiral Rope by weaving a base layer. I like to use a dark bead for this step.


Weave the second layer with contrast colored beads. I love using gold or silver for this but I should warn you that Dolly Parton is my fashion maven!

Your rope will not begin to spiral properly until you have added the "reverse side embellishment." Try making a short rope first so you can see how it works. It's easy to add to this rope, just go back and add more of the base layer!


At this point I normally tell you to go print your diploma when you have mastered a stitch. I know you'll be so busy weaving Spiral Ropes that you may not have time until later! I have a feeling I'm going to be a lonely beader for a while!