With a BIG "Thank you!" to Bonnie Brooks for teaching us this fringe!

These directions are for righties so lefties need to reverse them!

Place enough beads on the thread to equal twice the length of the fringe you desire. Measure the beads, don't count!

Lay the purse down and grasp the thread next to the beads between the thumb and forefinger of your right hand. Twist the thread away from your body by sliding your thumb up your forefinger.

Here comes the secret to successful Twisted Fringe!
To reposition your grip hold the thread tightly with the left hand. Repeat the motions until the thread is twisting back on itself.

Fold the beads in half, placing the thread next to the bead where the it exited the purse. The fringe will start to twist and you can assist it with your free hand if necessary. Pass the needle through the next bead, adding a small knot to stabilize the fringe.

Repeat for each strand of twisted fringe.!

Bonnie assures me that this fringe is just tooooo easy if you follow her directions! When you have mastered this beautiful fringe be sure to get your diploma! Gee, we finished this class so quickly there's time for a game or two of Tic Tac Toe!