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I think this is the BEST free pattern I have ever presented! Click on the full page thumbnail below, download and print the guides on an "overhead" sheet. These sheets are available for your home printer. For a better set of guides you may choose to print at your local print shop and you have my permission to do so. Print the guides on the best possible grade of paper so the print shop can make clear copies. I prefer printing on photo paper.

Cut the guides along the red lines.The thin blue line goes on the row you are beading. The black area will cover some of the previous rows. 3-M Restickable Glue Stick applied behind the black area will hold the guide in place. You can mark on the guides you print at the print shop and wipe the marks off with a damp cloth. You'll love using this guide!

To print: if you have a Mac just hold your curser on the pattern, choose "save this file"If you have a PC right-click on the pattern and choose"save picture as."