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Val and I have been best friends for years since we both publish stained glass design books. Val surprised me by flying to see me on my birthday a few years ago. I took her to her first bead show and taught her to do peyote stitch. I got her hooked on beads in one weekend and she now publishes bead design books!

JENNIE MIGHT * Beads & Quilts * Black Giraffe Designs

What a treasure Jennie is! I was so thrilled when we got to meet in Austin during Embellishments '97. You'll love her beading as well as her beautiful quilts. Jennie has beaded items for my books and I've done some for hers!


I visit this site often, not only to see the beadwork and to learn from the instructions but just when I want to feel good! I was so happy to meet Mary Tafoya in Santa Fe one year during Bead Expo.


My daughter Ali Knight does wonderful artwork and has some of her "Memory Trees" for sale on-line. You'll love these!

Pat and have been "forever friends" since we first met when we were in our early 20s. Pat has written a beautiful !!! Pat uses beads to adorn her wonderful sculpture.

BONNIE BROOKS - Bonnie Beads
I met Bonnie on the old Prodigy bead board. We have become close friends and have traveled to Ireland twice for bead classes! She is a talented beader with many awards to her credit.

Fantastic loomwork! Don was my first teacher in this technique. He survived having me as a pupil and still teaches!

FRIEDA BATES - Beadwork of the Southwest
Frieda's split loom necklaces are truly eye candy! I got to meet Frieda recently and she is as nice as she is talented! I also own a couple of her wonderful necklaces.

I have tons of on-line bead stores linked alphabetically.

Many people have emailed asking me which on-line stores I order from most often so here they are! I'm sure there are many more wnderful ones but these seem to get the most of my on-line bead money!

Stormcloud Trading
Queen Beads

Beyond Beadery
Out On A Whim
Caravan Beads
Fire Mountain Gems
The Beadin' Path
Blessed Beads

Shipwreck Beads
Copper Coyote
General Bead
TWE / Beads
Splendor In The Glass
Fire Mountain