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Suzanne Cooper's Beadylicious Newsletter #148 April 15, 2012

Have you missed me? Did you think I had run away with a traveling bead salesman? I've been having tons of dental work done. Pain pills are wonderful things but they do delay newsletters!

Since this is the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic I thought you might be interested in these photos: Life aboard doomed Titanic shown in photos of the Titanic taken by passenger Father Francis Browne. New images of sunken Titanic released by National Geographic

I have a new obsession called Pinterest. Like I needed more internet things to keep me from working! Some of what I see doesn't interest me but lots of things do. I've even been reading recipes and I hate to cook! Each person makes "bulletin boards" and pins photos on the boards. I know it sounds goofy but it works. I have boards for beadwork, travel, jokes.... and on and on. When you see something interesting you can "repin" the item to your boards. You may have to be invited in order to play but I'm not sure. If you do just send an e-mail to my Yahoo e-mail address: (suzybeads @ and I'll send you an invitation.

Until next time, bead well.


Kerri Fuhr

Diane Hyde

Guzel Bakeeva Design 

Thread Spool Works Devorah Sperber- They look like beads!

Sharmini Wirasekara Beadwork Art

Behind the Scenes: Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

The Beadsmith Photos

Jean Power

Diane Dennis Beadwork

Beaded Volkswagon

Ezel Findings

Jill MacKay - unusual findings


12-Year-Old Entrepreneur Starts Online Jewelry Business. Jordan's web site.


Lodichka Couture Jewellery

One-of-a-Kind Pearl Necklace

World's first all-diamond, 150-carat ring created by Swiss jewelry; worth $70 million


Well-preserved strawberry-blond mammoth discovered in Siberia

'Breathtaking' mummy coffin covers seized in Israel

Under the Bandage: Up Close with an Egyptian Mummy


Anastasia Beads

Sarah Moran

Jari Sheese

Debbie Sanders Glass

Amy Kuczewski

Firebug Beads

Melanie Moertel

Johanna Stephenson



7th Annual Halstead Grant for Silver Jewelry Artists


Beautiful combination of dance, strength and balance. Great Chinese State Circus - Swan Lake  

Glass Beach ­ The Dump You'll Want to Visit

Under a Scotsman's kilt


Watch it made in the USA - Factory tours

Have you ever wondered where the Citibank rock climbing commercial was filmed and if the girl really climbed it? Yes, she climbed it. Gutsy girl!
The location is near Moab, UT Fisher Towers, and was shot from a helicopter! More specifically, the formation is Ancient Art on the route called Stolen Chimney. Where the woman in the ad stands on the top of the tower is on a loose block that moves as you stand on it! There are also no anchors from the last 20, or so, feet. This means if you fall, you fall about 40 feet! (20 ft. for the tower, 20 ft. the rope length from the climbing the tower). Just makes the fact she climbed and was standing on there ever more impressive.

 And now a word from our sponsor.... That would be ME!

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