Sam's First Photo
Sam's First Christmas
Sam - 15 weeks
Puppy Kindergarten

Graduation day class
Graduation party
Sam's Big Boy haircut

Sam's Train Ride
Sam Visits Santa
Sam is two years old.
Sam is four years old.
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Sam has a little sister named Sassy!

Sassy came to live with us when my hubby Coop found out about her. She was in a backyard puppy mill near Albuquerque. She had lived her entire 3 years in a cage and was used for producing little after litter. Coop gave the woman some money and brought Sassy home. She was the most pathetic looking dog imaginable. We promised her she would never have to go back to that awful place. We actually meant to find a good home for her but you know the end of that part of the story. Of course she is part of our family now. She totally worships Coop. He can't take two steps without her following as close to his heels as possible.

Sam with our granddaughter Olivia. She thought it was really cool that their colors matched!

Sam in our front yard. The yard is all bricked so no mowing for us!